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Assessment Certification

Assessment Certification

Become a more effective Corporate Leader, Human Resources Manager, Internal Coach or Trainer with the ability to interpret and “humanize” assessment sciences.

We offer assessment certification training for three of the most powerful assessment tools available DISC (Behavioral Styles), Driving Forces (Workplace Motivators), and Emotional Quotient (Emotional Intelligence).Download TriMetrix EQ Assessment Synopsis Here

These scientifically-designed tools allow you to do three critical things … consistently hire the best people for the job … build strong, dynamic teams and leaders … and pinpoint the development needs in the organization, so that the coaching you give and the training classes offered are precisely on target.

As with any tools, you need to know how to get the most out of them. That’s where the assessment certification process we offer comes in.

You get the knowledge you need to maximize the usefulness of the assessments and the confidence that comes from truly understanding the ins and outs of the instruments you’re using. Whether you are in human resources, recruiting, sales, or a business unit manager these tools allow you to be an affective coach, mentor or strategic partner for your company.

After all, how you use the information you glean from the assessment can have a significant impact on the lives and careers of the people you’re serving. You want to understand the nuances and the subtleties. You want to get it right. Not just to be the best you can be at what you do, but because you feel the need to handle this information as responsibly as possible.

You want to be able to answer the tough questions participants have in an authoritative way and help them readily and immediately apply the information you’re giving them.

To do that, you must really know what you’re talking about.

With our certification process, you become a bona fide expert.

Are you already working with assessments? Just looking to get started? Either way, this solution is for you. And while it’ll prepare you to get certified … and put a designation behind your name, you don’t have to pursue actual certification. You can just take the training to learn what you need to know.

With the use of technology, the program is a blend of e-Learnings, webinars, and in person coaching. Our goal is to make it easy for you to master the use of these indispensable tools.

As a corporate leader, manager, decision maker, coach or trainer and wondering if this training is right for you or your people, give us a call and let’s talk.

We streamline and expedite learning and certification with our LEARN PLATFORM. This tool not only becomes an integral part of the certification process but also a valuable teaching tool to be used in your organization.Download the LEARN Synopsis Here