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Driscoll Learning Testimonials

I wanted to thank you for the role you played in teaching and coaching Kyle, Dustin and I. Kyle has stepped up his focus and drive. Dustin has made more of an effort to be personable and self aware. I have made the effort to stay focused and concentrate of managing current accounts while prospected positive future accounts.

Cherry on top... Fritz is happy with the results. I am not sure how often you follow up with him, but I see him flipping through our test results from time to time. He has made an effort to connect with us "Millennials".

Mike Dutko

Reitter Stucco

Hi Bryan,

I hope your travels home went well. I wanted to let you know that I got a lot out of your Sales Training! I’ve been a Professional Sales person for a good while now and have completed many Sales Training Courses, Driscoll learning is different. Your delivery was great, your enthusiasm even better. The material you presented really has me thinking about all the situations I have had in the past, mistakes that were made that may have changed the outcome of the deal! I will absolutely implement the skills and strategies that we learned this week in future sales calls and business settings of all types. Honestly I think that they will be useful with my personal life as well! Thank You Again and have a Great Holiday Weekend! I look forward to our future sessions!

Sales pro from MPW Industrial Services

I wanted to thank you tremendously for the work you have done with this team. They are noticeably improving and are recognizing it!

I have another area that may need your expertise, if interested and if you have time. Let's keep in touch and thanks for being such a strong partner.


Christine Franz