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Bryan Driscoll

Bryan Driscoll…..A Thought-Provoking & Effective Facilitator

Bryan Driscoll - Team Building Specialist in Columbus & Cleveland, OHAs you meet Bryan Driscoll, Owner of Driscoll Learning, you will immediately feel at ease and realize that his purpose is to facilitate that which is important to you as a busy professional. Bryan’s commitment to hard work and discipline are exemplified through his multiple degrees and athletic achievements. He attended West Liberty University in Wheeling, West Virginia and earned a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice as well as a Minor in Psychology. At this early stage of life, he envisioned himself as a Police Officer, ‘catching the bad guys’ and protecting others. His passion for football and wrestling led him to continue his education at The Ohio State University where he earned his Master’s in Sports Management and Marketing. Throughout Bryan’s wrestling career he represented the U.S.A. at an international level and competed in Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Germany and the former Soviet Union. Bryan’s aspirations were to become a College Athletic Director or Wrestling Coach.

Life handed Bryan a different journey. He worked in residential security sales, the Athletic Club at Metro V, for Scarlet and Gray Illustrated and at Eagle Creek Leadership & Challenge Center. During these impressionable years, Bryan was introduced to successful business owners and professionals and was bitten by the ‘Entrepreneurial Bug’. He developed longstanding and meaningful relationships with Tom Suddes, Skip Murray and John Sestina. “I am fortunate to have several mentors play a significant role throughout my life. They uncovered my ability to facilitate business transformations while making others feel comfortable and relaxed with who they are.”

Bryan took note of this encouragement and combined his new purpose with his responsibility to provide for his family and decided to start Driscoll Learning in Columbus, Ohio, in July of 1998. Initially, he offered Team Building solutions and over time client-demand sparked Bryan to add a full-spectrum of services. Driscoll Learning primarily serves time-starved Business Owners and Companies who are experiencing turnover problems, working through hiring mistakes and noticing gaps in their workforce Leadership & Sales Teams.

Because of Bryan’s unassuming demeanor, he becomes an effective facilitator and transforms the culture of Leadership, Sales, Human Resources, Work teams and Hiring Professionals by implementing a bevy of extensive assessments. He is motivated by being the catalyst who brings value to an organization as they ultimately become more effective….and self-reliant. “Our programs are completely tailored to address what is important to the client! My role is to be thought-provoking and inspirational, while challenging my clients to think differently and learn differently though their experience with Driscoll Learning.”

“Leaders who are committed to their people and who are motivated to serve others will ultimately win in the marketplace.” Such leaders are the ones who derive the maximum prosperity from a renewed corporate culture derived from time spent with Driscoll Learning. When Bryan ‘hears’ that his contributions provide meaningful impact and are allowing his clients to continue to operate from a place of confidence, then Bryan knows that he has fulfilled his responsibilities to his client. As you cross paths with Bryan Driscoll and experience his down-to-earth sincerity, don’t be surprised when he asks you the following question…… “What’s Your Story?”

Bryan Driscoll, Owner Driscoll Learning, 614.370.8400, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.