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Job Benchmarking

Job Benchmarking: The Science of Recruiting the Right Talent for the Job

Job Benchmarking Columbus & Cleveland, OHHave you ever hired someone whose best performance was the day they interviewed for the job? Oftentimes, candidates look good on paper and even throughout the interview process, but still aren’t the ideal fit for your company. Businesses everywhere are seeking better ways to secure the best talent necessary for success. But what talent does the job itself require for superior performance?

What is job benchmarking?

Job Benchmarking is the science of outlining what it takes to perform at the highest possible level within a position, and following specific standards to ensure job criteria is met. This unique process takes a deeper approach than typical recruiting methods to develop the most in-depth job description possible, allowing for optimal employee results from the start.

Our patented job benchmarking method enables businesses to assess the job and talent to find the best fit. With this proven scientific process, we can provide feedback to hire or not hire based on the data, and without bias. Bias blurs decision-making and is the biggest barrier in selecting superior performers. Our solution plays a key role in the entire talent management pipeline, which starts with your recruiting team. Once on board, our team and leader development solutions will ensure a high level of productivity on the job.

Job Benchmarking Columbus & Cleveland, OHAvoiding bias in recruiting

Bias is one of the biggest challenges recruiters face when it comes to selecting superior performers. Although we don’t mean to do it, there are still biases that get in the way of hiring beyond gender, age and nationality. Too often, we let our personal biases keep us from hearing the job—that is, fully understanding specific job requirements and what is needed for a successful employee.

In our job benchmarking process, we explore some of the key issues that interfere with the hiring of superior performers, including:

  • The value and importance of personal accountability and how to measure it.
  • How to improve the selection process and reduce turnover through job benchmarking.
  • A high-level evaluative process to expose the behaviors, motivators, thinking, achieving and relating skills of a job.
  • Why failure to use assessments as part of our hiring or screening process limits the ability to accurately select superior performers.

In addition, we also answer recurrent questions regarding our own hiring techniques, something we often do without understanding why we do it. We solve problems like whether a strong brand can carry a weak sales force, and why we tend to hire for skills and fire for attitudes.

Ready to have a more comprehensive understanding of the job benchmarking process and perfect your own recruiting skills? Give us a call to start making strategic changes to your hiring methods.

Candidate Search

Through our expertise in job benchmarking, coupled with leadership assessments, we offer key advantages in finding the right person for the right job, no matter how complex.

  • We assist companies in identifying, attracting, securing and developing top talent.
  • We help integrate your company’s culture into recruitment process.
  • We approach each candidate with great discretion. Our business acumen and experience allows us to provide genuine customer care during the search process.
  • We are the candidates and your company’s trusted advisor.

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