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About Us

Driscoll Learning Mission

Provide development opportunities that produce business results through a blended approach of experiential workshops, small group dialogue, data-driven personalized assessments and productivity tools.

Driscoll Learning Core Strategies

Virtual Organization – The idea of the virtual organization will be utilized wherever possible. The virtual model keeps us lean, focused and flexible. It allows us to adapt quickly and attract highly-motivated, like-minded professionals.

Abundance – An outcome of the virtual organization is operating from a mindset of abundance. We not only want to attract the best, but we also want to share the successes from Driscoll Learning with each contributing partner and colleague.

Attract the Best – We want to work with the best minds in the world. We believe our model, willingness to share successes and a strong desire to let individuals contribute in the areas they choose will attract the highest caliber team players. 

Action Learning – The day of the binder and three-ring notebooks are gone. The speed and retention of learning that incorporates self-discovery, small group dialog-rich opportunities and learn-by-doing is what wins. Our business is built upon these concepts.

Ride the Waves – Our business will be based upon current and anticipated needs of the market place. New products and new markets will be part of the driving force. 

Grow through our Strengths – Driscoll Learning continues to establish itself and evolve over time by continually building upon its strengths. These strengths include client and partner relationships, subject matter capabilities and learning methodologies.